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Harrington Machine Shop (HMS) was established in 1986 by brothers Chris and Todd Harrington. Over the past 25 years, HMS has built a solid reputation in the racing and hot rod community through the unparalleled quality, performance and excellent customer service.  HMS specializes in a wide range of high performance racing engines for both asphalt and dirt including: circle track, crate, late model, limited late model, trucks, street stock, pro 4, drag racing and many other divisions. HMS provides a full range of machine shop services for all types of engines – from stock to high performance street engines, racing engines, both imports and domestics as well as boats and motorcycle engines. We offer performance parts (new & used) for stock, hot rod and racing engines.

We are determined to look for more innovative ways to stay competitive in the market.  We are never satisfied; and that drives us to be the best at what we do.

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